Implementation Services

Operations assessment
. WageWorks will work with your organization to review your current client base and procedures. Together we will work on a plan to increase the scalability of your business - allowing a considerable increase in your client base without adding a significant number of new staff members.

Process design. The first step in making your business more scalable is to define your current processes and identify areas in which WinFlexOne can assist you in improving efficiency. As a software provider and an plan service provider, WageWorks understands the intricacies of plan administration. WageWorks will work with you to design a process that works for you and your clients.

Systems integration. WinFlexOne uses an open database system allowing you to integrate WinFlexOne with internal or external systems such as health claims processing, accounting, and banking systems. WageWorks can assist with designing the right system integration for you.

Customization. WageWorks can work with you to design system changes allowing you to customize WinFlexOne for your clients’ needs.