Employer Service Tools

Employer Website
. Employer Website allows employers to view their specific plans, benefits and limits, plus eligible expenses allowed through each plan. Site enables employers to key in elections and eligibility changes. Site provides downloadable contribution reports, check registers, and year-to-date reports. Site also includes flex benefits card management for employers electing the card service option.

Eligibility management. Employers can choose to use the Website to enter enrollments and eligibility changes throughout the year. Employers can also add new employees, change benefit elections, change personal information, terminate employees from the plan, suspend flex benefits cards, plus automatically synchronize contribution discrepancies with payroll records.

Employee support. Website reports can report a single participant's account balances or provide a year-to-date report showing all participants and their account balances. Plus, historical year-to-date reports are available for each month of the plan year. Employers can also view the next payroll contribution report and any checks written to participants, or obtain administrative forms.

Flex benefits card services. Employer Website allows employers to turn on or off the use of the flex benefits card for individual participants in real time. Plus, employers can view unsubstantiated card balances prior to terminating employees or suspending card abusers.

Reports. The employer Website includes downloadable year-to-date reports, contribution reports, check registers, and payroll deduction summaries at enrollment. WinFlexOne also prints these reports for postal mail or PDFs for e-mail.