Participant Services & Tools

Employee Website
. An employee Website communicates specific benefits the participant has elected and eligible expenses associated with each benefit. Participants can view their elections, account balances, and transaction detail, plus enter claims and manage flex benefits card receipt requests. Participants can also communicate changes to their benefits, personal information, or enroll online.

Transaction tracking. Participants can track a paper claim through the system with the date and amount of the last check paid – showing date, provider information and amount. And – because flex benefits card swipes are real-time – they can be viewed by participants from the same Website that provides their flex account balance.

Employee statements. Printed employee statements can be provided and/or included on employee check stubs. WinFlexOne will also PDF statements that can be e-mailed on demand.

Flex benefits card management. Participants can purchase/order flex benefits cards and/or get extras at the site. Participants can also activate their card at the site, view detailed claims information entered manually or by card swipe. Card swipes requiring substantiation are viewed online with repayment of nonqualified expenses directly from a secure Website via personal credit card or e-check. Lost or stolen cards may be reported on the site. Detailed receipt verification forms are created, stored online for look up, and printed by employee as a cover sheet for claims submission.

IVR telephone support. An Integrated Voice Response (IVR) telephone feature enables employees to listen to account information and activate flex benefits cards. Employees have the option to transfer back to their plan service provider.