Customer Service Tools

Reporting and account lookup
. The customer service module puts employee information at customer service representatives’ (CSR) fingertips. A CSR can e-mail an employee statement on demand from the customer service module. CSRs can view elections, transactions, and account balances. For payments, a CSR can view the check number, date, and amount, as well as whether or not it has been by cleared the bank account. They can view real-time account balances along with pending and paid claims and an account summary.

Employer and employee Website assistance. CSRs can view the employee or employer Website simultaneously with the user to explain and educate.

Flex benefits card assistance. CSRs view flex benefits card authorizations and denials or see whether the participant has ordered a card and, if so, the date the card mailed and whether or not the card is activated.

Security. CSR access is password protected and limited to Customer Service Modules.