Money Management

The SQL-database facilitates account integration, and ease of use to import and export files.

Banking options. Technology supports multiple TPA bank account or employer bank accounts for posting contributions or making payments

Contribution management. Contribution management is flexible and includes contribution schedules and ACH creation for automated cash pulls. WinFlexOne creates cash movement files with automated interface to Microsoft® Great Plains® and QuickBooks®. Payroll deduction files provided by payroll providers or HR systems can also be imported and posted against participant accounts.

Payment management. System produces claims checks or makes direct deposits for paid claims from employer or TPA bank accounts. Administrative systems record each pay date throughout the plan year and allow payment as frequently as daily. Uploads disbursement files to in-house systems or exports payment files to outside vendors.

Trust accounting and cash reconciliation. Contribution and payment create export files that can be imported to  management programs like Microsoft® Great Plains® and QuickBooks® for employer account balance management and bank reconciliation.