Payment Options

. Pay one participant or thousands from one schedule. Payment schedules can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Void checks or disbursements in one step. Replacement checks can be recreated on-the-spot for one participant, or create disbursement with next check run.

Direct deposit. ACH payments directly into an employee's checking or savings account. Pull money from the employer's account or TPA account in order to fund payments. Print an ACH advice or skip the print.

Flex benefits card. Fully-integrated flex benefits card services means card requests are entered in WinFlexOne (WF1) along with benefit elections. Card purchases may be paid by TPA, employer, or participant. Card activation and account inquiry is done on WF1s IVR and the employee website. Real-time authorization of manual claims and card swipes means no uploading or downloading before or after creating manual disbursements. Customer service module provides real time view of all transactions (card or manual). Flex benefits card substantiation electronically approves card swipe from an eligible vendor (TPA defined and employer specific) and the amount matches pre-defined co-pays or recurring expense. Receipt request is automated as WF1 sends the participant an email or postal mail statement. Receipt verification may also be done at the employee website with an online claim form. Repayment of ineligible card expenses is done at the employee Website.